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The church of Saint Dimitrios

The central church of the  village is the church of Saint Dimitrios and it  is found in the centre of the  village.It is built with Stone of the  region.

 The first church is calculated that was built around  1830-1840.  Saint intention has engraved the date 1848. In 1909 because of  the increase of  the population of community, the church was extended for about  5 meters in the west and the women’s square which is wooden, was also created. In 1998 the church was renovated and was maintained. The old tiles were replaced and the joists in the shed of the entry were replaced. The precinct of the church was paved .  

The icon stand of the church is wooden, carved and covered with gold. It has engraved the chronology 1856. The drawings of icon stand portray Vine leaves, grapes, birds and the two - headed eagle. 

According to tradition when the church was built, in the space where the sanctuary is there was  a big stone. At the time there weren’t the means forits removal. Saint Dimitrios managed to move it in a steep spot in the river through the divine gift he had. 

In the Stone that Saint Dimitrios moved there is  Holy water that is curative. 


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