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Easter Customs

First day of lent:

On Sunday of the ‘Apokreo’all relatives gather in a house in order to "sikosoun"(eat meat for last time before lent begins) together.  

On Green Monday people gather itself at the stadium of the community with their lenten food.  Eating and having   fun “they celebrate the days of lent". 


The main trait of  Easter in Vasa Kellakiou is the Cypriot traditional “Flaouna’.  Every housewife in the village will cook her flaounes.

As in all the villages of Cyprus thus and in Vasa Kellakiou the young people of the village manage during the Holy Week to gather enough pieces of wood in the courtyard of the church. The night of Resurrection of Christ these pieces of wood will be delivered in the flames of” Lampratzias” (fire outside the church) in order to burn Jouda. 

Easter Games :

On the  Sunday of  Easter  traditional games are conducted accompanied with the traditional music. Youngs, children, adults and old people meet in order to  have fun. Those who win in the organised games, as bag races, egg races, lingrin,  are rewarded from the Community council and the  emigrant union. 

There is an exclusive  Vasiotiko game, in which all contestants  put their shoes in a pile and the one who finds his own pair  faster ,  wears them and goes running to his initial place is the winner .

 On 26th October each year, the day of Saint’s Demetrios a big popular feast takes place   in the community. There is also on the 25 th   March in the chapel of Virgin Mary Vosienas. Finally in August of each year the big annual dancing party of community is organized.



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