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The chapel of Virgin Mary Vosiena

The chapel of Virgin Mary of  Vosienas was built in 1906 when grandfather Papadias, the Pyrillos H''Styllis that who was a shepherd  and had flock of goats, in three cases when his flock numbered 1000 animals then  plague killed them . At  some point of the region people listened to chants without anyone being there to chant . They searched and they found the picture of Virgin Mary, that today is found in the church of the  village. In the honor of the picture they decided to  build a chapel. Until the chapel finished  near the bush that  the picure was found they   put sheets and they performed the Holy Service .

Also at  this point there is  a Stone that is said to be the dairy tool of Virgin Mary. The Stone is  built on the wall of the  church and tradition  says that  Virgin Mary made her ‘Halloumia’9a kind of cheese) there. 

The chapel is built with Stone. It has been renovated and maintained. The old roof has been replaced with a new one tiles and were placed.

It has a simple wooden icon stand  that is covered with various pictures. 

The Chapel functions on the the 25th March, day of  Evaggelismou  of Virgin Mary and on Easter Monday .


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