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Dear residents. Vasa kellakiou Community Council has had an extra meeting on 17/03/2020 because of the situation in our county and all over the world about the Coronovairus ▪ ( covid 19), we have decided the following. 

  1. The Easter Monday festival has been cancelled.
  2. The presentation party for the Athletic /Health Park has been cancelled.
  3. At the end of month we will check the water meters as usual, but residents will have 3 months to pay without a fine. We do this to try help the residents of our village in this current situation we find ourselves in.
  4. For anyone who may help any situation in these days to come, you can contact the council members. Pantelis GEORGIOU (president) 99332410
    Sotiris Siapanis (vice president) 99662813
    Nicola Wilkinson (member) 99949551
    Rafael Koutalianos (member) 99957267
    Emma Price (member) 99006779
  5. The Council Office is now closed but electronically business as usual..

Please follow the order and recommendations directed from the Cyprus Health Authority and stay safe. Do not hesitate to contact your council members if you need help at any time.

Thank you for your cooperation on this serious situation that we all find ourselves.

Stay home, stay safe.

Vasa kellakiou Community Council
Pantelis Georgiou (president)


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